Spain migration: Consequences

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  • Retirement migration to Spain: Consequences
    • Population structure: Brits are increasing the ageing population
      • Pressure on the economically active
      • Create problems on providing specialist health care for this age group
    • Housing developments: development on the coast of Spain caused damaged to the coastline
      • In 1998, Coastal law passed to ensure that no private housing is built on the ***** of 106m
    • Water: Shortage of water where expats live- houses with swimming pools
      • Rainfall low in Valencia region - not enough to supply the demand of the housing developments
      • Tthe situation is becoming worse due to the global warming changes rainfall patterns
      • Many farmers have dug illegal wells to water their crops
      • People plant 'fig trees' and golf courses call the greens 'crops' to apply for irrigation water
    • Culture: areas have developed British services that people expect
      • British newspapers are readily avaliable - El Sun, which is largest selling
      • Supermarkets stock British products
      • Development in Spanish classes for expats & Spanish people have a willingness to learn  English
    • Health care: British expats costs - £800 million a year
      • Had to change law - people who retire early hav eto pay for their own healthcare, but over 65's are eligible
      • Spain traditionally a family responsibility - very few servies for elderly (e.g. care homes and meals on wheels)


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