Reasons for the increase in life expectancy

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  • Reasons for Life Expectancy Increase
    • More screening opportunities
      • Conditions that require urgent treatment (such as cancer) can be picked up before they become untreatable or terminal
    • Better treatment of chronic conditions
      • Chronic conditions such as diabetes can be treated more effectively
    • Improvement in technology
      • Apps and devices to keep track of step-count, calorie intake, etc.
      • Telecare that can summon help if needed (e.g. fall detector, blood pressure monitor)
      • Devices that can help treat conditions, such as automatic glucose pumps
    • More knowledge, and better access to knowledge
      • Allows individuals to make better health choices, like getting more exercise or avoiding alcohol
    • Better Sanitation
      • Individuals can get treated in sterile environments, and lessens the chance of them becoming ill
    • Better housing, which can cater to individuals' needs
      • Houses can be better modified to meet individual needs, like installing stair lifts or widening door frames
    • Better understanding of diseases, and what causes them
      • Means that diseases can be treated in ways that are more effective
    • Better access to clean water
      • Less likely to pick up an infection or disease from unclean water


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