Death rate

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  • Men Health Care (death rate)
    • Nature/ characteristics of information presented
      • Text 3 is a media source from the Daily Mail
      • Text 3 has both qualitative and quantitative data.
        • As it shows statistics on the death rate in general then relates to men and the reasons for the increase in their life expectancy.
      • The statistics came from the ONS-secondary official statistics
    • Definition
      • The death rate definition is the number of deaths per 1000 per year in a population.
    • Trends/ patterns/ key features shown by data
      • The death rate in UK is decreasing
      • This data was from 2012.
      • Text 3 is invalid as it comes from a media source
    • Potential support which could be offered by government/ charities/ independent organisations
      • The NHS could be support in order to help get men to have a longer life expectancy.
    • Explanations for the trends
      • Better medical care
        • Advances in technology and in the NHS has meant there has been better medical care
      • Healthier lifestyles
        • Men more aware of the dangers of smoking and drinking
      • Changes in jobs
        • Less men are doing hard manual labour such as working in mines
    • Potential research method questions
      • Sample: snowball
      • Questionnaire are more reliable as they are easy to repeat and may be easier to access participants by doing a questionnaire-could post it.
    • Potential advantages and disadvntages
      • Advantages of ageing population: more people around to teach in primary schools for the baby boom.
      • Disadvantage of ageing population: increased need for services suited for the elderly and less housing available for younger people due to elderly more likely to be living alone in big houses


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