Ralph Essay Plan

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  • Ralph essay plan
    • Intro
      • A main character
      • Symbolises democracy
    • P1
      • "The boy with fair hair"
      • Angelic and childish look
      • Later realising he is tall, athletic and popular
      • Leads Piggy out of jungle showing natural leadership
    • P2
      • Rash and foolish
      • Involved in killing of Simon (dance included)
      • Golding: although humanity tries to be good, cruel nature is desplayed
      • "Every single one of us could be Nazis"
    • P3
      • Mean and heartless to those weaker than him
      • "Returned as a fighterplane...and machine gunned Piggy"
      • Reminder of how they came onto the island
      • Ralph is capable of bullying
    • Conclusion
      • Readers can empathise with his anguish (at the end of the novel)
      • Most human and heroic of all characters


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