Planning an essay response

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  • Planning an essay response
    • Importance of the beast
      • Representation of dark and evil
        • Allegory
      • Only 'littluns' imagination
        • Developed by things that the boys 'see'
      • Imagination is now perceived to be real after the 'dead parachute'
        • Beast is suggested to be the outside world
    • Boys ideas of the beast
      • Simon suggests that the beast is actually themselves
        • Sense of maturity and enlightenment - looking back
          • Reflection
          • Bildungsroman
      • 'Littluns' suggests the initial idea of the beast
        • Sense of immaturity - lack of responsibility
          • Constant reminder of there actual age
      • Ralph and Jack suggest that there is no such thing as the beast
        • A theme of  adulthood and coming-of-age
          • Acting as an adult - taking responsibility
          • Bildungsroman
    • What the beast may symbolise
      • Representation of dark and evil
        • Representation of dark and evil
          • Allegory
        • Boys start to turn insane and savage
      • Loss of innocence
        • Savagery of boys is developed as the imagery of the beast is progressed
      • Fear
        • Nothing to fear except fear itself
          • Simon starts to realise that there is nothing to fear as the beast is themselves


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