Chapter 5 Beast from Water

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  • Chapter 5, Beast from Water
    • Summary
      • Ralph blows conch for a serious meeting. On a Triangular platform with a huge log.
      • wilderness making Ralph question his own values. Feels philosophical
      • After implementingsome rules, jack picks up conch and stars that the beast does not exist or he would have hunted it.
      • Piggy suggests the beast is a ghost, but in response 'shut up you fat slug'
      • Ralph states rules are the only thing keeping them together yet moments later Jack leads a pack off to hunt the beast.
      • Ralph paces across the beach planning what to present. Wishing he could think like piggy
    • Why this chapter is important
      • When Jack leads some boys away to hunt, the savagery is beginning to show, as Ralph says 'if I blow the conch now it will lose it power completely' , 'we will Be like animals'
      • Ralph displays his leadership, when suggesting that they stop going to the toilet all over the island
      • While Jacks interest is to hunt it, some older boys now accept it is unexistant.
      • Signs of conflict and separation begin to show.
      • While order is set by Ralph, -the identity of the beast becomes a lasting debate.
    • Loss of civilisation
      • Preciousness of conch, connection it provides
      • Fear is overcoming and affecting routine
      • Jacks pure eager to hunt, ruins the virtue of calm and civilised audition
      • The fact that they are going to the toilet all over the island in abnormal to society


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