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Lord of the flies chapter summaries.

Chapters One and Two Summary

  • A group of boys are evacuated due to a war involving England. They become marooned on a small island.
  • Ralph and Piggy meet and find a conch. Ralph blows the conch to call other survivors, who gather together on the beach.
  • A group of choirboys arrive, led by Jack Merridew. They are mostly older boys.
  • Ralph is elected leader but Jack is not pleased. Jack and his choir become the hunters.
  • Ralph, Jack and Simon explore the island. Jack almost kills a piglet.
  • A meeting is called. The conch becomes a symbol of authority.
  • The boys argue over the existance of a beast on the island.
  • A fire is lit to attract attention but it burns out of control. A boy with a birthmark disappears.
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Chapters Three and Four Summary

  • Jack takes delight in tracking pigs but fails to kill any.
  • Ralph constructs shelters but with only limited success due to lack of help.
  • Jack and Ralph argue over priorities.
  • Simon goes into the forrest alone.
  • Roger and Maurice destroy the smaller children's sandcastles. Roger throws stones at Henry.
  • Ralph spots a ship. The chance of rescue disappears because the fire is left unattended.
  • The hunters return with a pig. Ralph is angry with Jack for letting the fire go out.
  • Feeling guilty, Jack lashes out at Piggy and smashes a lens in his glasses.
  • Ralph is upset and calls a meeting.
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Chapters Five and Six Summary

  • Ralph points out the requirements for survival.
  • Discussion turns to the 'beastie', which Jack and Piggy dismiss.
  • Unseen by the boys. a dead parachutist drifts on to the island near the fire.
  • Sam and Eric believe the parachutist to be the beast and rush to tell the others.
  • The boys gather on the platform and Jack suggests they hunt the beast.
  • Ralph, Jack and the older boys head off together. Piggy stays behind with the 'littluns'.
  • Ralph goes alone to the unexplored part of a rocky outcrop where he is soon joined by Jack.
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Chapters Seven and Eight Summary

  • Ralph notices how dirty the boys have become.
  • Ralph and the hunters try to kill a wild boar and, in a frenzy, re-enact the event.
  • Ralph, Jack and Roger hunt for the beast on the mountain-top. They see the dead parachutist, and think it is the beast.
  • The boys discuss the beast. Jack believes the hunters can kill it. Ralph knows they are just boys armed with sticks.
  • Jack unsuccessfully tries to overthrow Ralph as leader. He wanders off, soon secretly joined by many of the older boys.
  • The hunters kill a sow. They plan to invite the others to a feast with the aim of stealing their fire, and they put the pig's head on a stick.
  • Simon has a 'conversation' with the pig's head, then falls unconscious.
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Chapters Nine and Ten Summary

  • Simon sees the dead parachutist and knows the truth about the beast.
  • Ralph and Piggy join the other boys' feast. They dance and chant as thunder strikes.
  • Simon stumbles into the tribal circle. He is seen as the beast and killed in a frenzied attack.
  • Simon and the parachutist are washed out to sea.
  • Ralph, Piggy, Sam and Eric show signs of guilt. Ralph becomes confused.
  • Jack and his hunters set up camp on the rocky outcrop.
  • Three hunters attack Piggy at night and steal his glasses.
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Chapters Eleven and Twelve Summary

  • Ralph, Piggy, Sam and Eric decide to confront Jack.
  • Piggy is killed by a falling rock when Roger leans on a lever, catapulting the rock towards him. The conch is also destroyed.
  • Sam and Eric are captured by the hunters, leaving Ralph alone.
  • Jack and his hunters track Ralph as if he is a pig.
  • Jack sets most of the island on fire in order to fluch out Ralph.
  • As Ralph collapses on the beach, he looks up and sees a naval officer. He is rescued!
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Great, quick key summary. Think it would be better if you split the revision cards into a card per chapter, so that we know exactly what happens in each chapter.


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