Fear Essay plan



Fear essay plan:

o   Paragraph 1 : Piggy

o   Piggy presented as weaker, more immature of the biggun’s

o   Most fearful of the boys, more reliant on adults, refers to what his aunt says frequently- feels secure with the idea of order and stability, attached to the conch as he feels connected to home and it keeps order.

o   Later on in Novel, fears Jack/Hunters as they roam free around the island hunting. Piggy feels he is being chased and hunted down, like they hunt pigs when the boys develop a hunt for humans- rational fear

Context: Freudian idea of ID, repressed fears/desires, Piggy sees Jack as his ID and Ralph as his superego, being the ego stuck in the middle. Afraid of his Id, following the Superego


o   Paragraph 2: The Beast

o   Beast is a physical representation of the boys fear

o   Simon is the only boy who doesn’t believe it and sees the truth about the beast

o   Parachutist- mistaken for the beast, brings signs from outside world, not what they wanted, symbolises death bringing more fear to the boys

o   Beast develops throughout the novel showing it is not a physical fear- starts as snake, then parachutist, Simon

o   Beast is used by Jack to develop fear and power

Context: Cold war- ideological fear and gain of power through it/ Nazi propaganda, manipulation fear + totalitarianism


o   Paragraph 3: Simon

o   Simon


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