Lord Of The Flies Revision.

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Character Profile- Ralph 

  • Ralph seems to be very determined to do something. ("Im Chief, I'll Go. Don't Argue".)
  • Ralph seems to be fair towards things. ("The Choir Belongs To You, Of Course")
  • Ralph seems to be honest with things. ("We'd Talk But We Would'nt Fight A Tiger. We'd Hide")
  • Ralph seems to be fairly brave too. (Ralph Picked Up His Stick And Prepared For Battle".)
  • Ralph's character seems to be quite brave. Even though he does'nt feel like he's brave all the time, he makes himself go first before anyone else whilst heading to Castle Rock. He also has some sort of responsibility as he makes sure Piggy will look after the littiluns when he goes searching for the beast. 
  • Ralph seems to cling to the hope of a rescue coming and then returning to civilisation. 
  • Ralph represnts law and order. He takes charge of the boys and then gives them all jobs to make the island a better place for all of the boys. He says they'll use the conch to take it all in turns to make it fair. 
  • Ralph represents the theme of civilisation. 
  • The negative aspects


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