Public Sector - NHS and NHS Foundations Trusts

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  • Public Sector
    • Services are free
    • NHS Foundation Trusts
      • Managed by a board of governors
        • Patients
        • Staff members
        • Members of the public
        • Members of the partnership organisations
      • Financed by the government
      • Aims
        • Move decisions making from the centralised NHS to the local communities
        • To meet local needs and wishes
    • Community Health Foundation Trusts
      • Adult and community nursing services
      • Health visiting and school nursing
      • Physiotherapy and occupation therapy
      • Speech therapy
      • Palliative./ end of life care
      • Walk in/ urgent care services
      • Specialist services
    • Mental Health Foundations Trusts
      • Mental health services are usually covered by this trust
      • Managed by the community
        • Service users
        • Their family
        • Friends
    • GP practices
      • Primary healthcare
      • Referrals to specialists are often made
      • Funded by the central government as part of the NHS
        • According to:
          • The age of their patients
          • Their gender


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