Working in Health and social care

What is the public sector?
A sector that provides services to the public
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What are the four organsiations in the public sector?
NHS England, NHS Scotland, NHS Wales, Health and Social Care Northern Ireland
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What is primary health care?
Care that can be provided by GP's , opticians and pharmacists, and can be accessed by a service user when he needs it
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What is secondary health care?
Care provied in a hospital
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What is tertiary health care?
Provides pecialist and complex services, e.g- spinal injury unit
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What are NHS Foundation Trusts?
Health services financed by the government that manage delivery of hospital services.
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What do community health foundation trusts inlcude?
Physiotheroay, pallative care, schools, occupational therapy, day centres
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What does adult social care ;provde?
Respite care, care in your own home , sheltered housing
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What does childrens service invlude?
Arrangements of fostering and adoption, safeguarding from harm ,day care for under 5's
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What do hospitals provide?
Inpatient and outpatient services
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What are outpatient services?
Include regular clinics and day surgeries
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Whatr are inpatient services?
Patients that need 24 hour care and support
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Whta does hospice care do?
Improve the quality of life for those with an incurable illness
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What is residential care?
Provides care to individuals in their own home
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What does residential care involve?
Washing, drerssing , taking medication
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What is self referal?
when an individual makes an appointment with a healthcare professional e.g- appointment with a doctor or optician.
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What is third party referal?
When a family, friend or relative contacts a care provider on your behalf
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What is professional referal?
When a care provider contacts another care provider for a service user in order to support them further.
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What could be a barrier when accessing serviuces?
English as an additional language, scarce resources (lack of beds), inconvinent location
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If a service user complains they have the right for it to be….
Dealt with effectively, have it investigated formally ,be aware of the outcomes
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What does the CQC do?
Inpsects and monitors health care services in England to see that a high level of care is provided.
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Where woud the CQC visit?
Hospitals , clinics, dentists.
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What does NICE do?
It is responsible for providing guidance on current best practice in health care for specific conditions and diseases
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What does OFSTED do?
Inspects the services that provide education to children, young people and adults. They inspect schools, colleges and nurseries.
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What do they base their judgement on?
Standard of teaching, behaviour , management
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What is an internal complaint?
When allegations of poor practice are made against staff and are normally addressed through their organisations internal disciplinary systems.
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What is an external complaint?
In more serious instances, the GMC or HCPC may be involved.
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What are the National occupational standards?
Sets the standards of professional practice that should be met in the workplace.
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What dsoes domiciallary care involve?
Care in a service users own home. Such as, arrangement of transport, delivery of meals
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Before extra care is provided local authority must assess that the service user has a ...
Physical or mental impairement alongside; struggles with washing and dressing or managing their toilet needs or dressing appropriately etc
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What are the four organsiations in the public sector?


NHS England, NHS Scotland, NHS Wales, Health and Social Care Northern Ireland

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What is primary health care?


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What is secondary health care?


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