B1 The roles of organisations providing HSC

Whats the public sector and provide examples ?
Directly funded and delivered by the state/governement Eg. NHS, local authority
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What is the voluntary/3rd sector?
Provided by independent private organizations eg. Macmillian Cancer Nurses
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Whats the private sector ?
Services provided by private profit-making organisations eg. Spire hospitals
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What's said to the biggest care sector?
Informal carers
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What's primary health care?
Accessed without a referral
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Whats secondary health care ?
Must have a refferal from a GP
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What's Tertiary health care?
Specialised treatments eg. transplants
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What are NHS foundation trusts?
Manage hospitals, independent but financed by the government
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Describe adult social care
Local authority care for those who can't support themselves
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What are child services ?
Ran by the local authority which protects and supports vulnerable young children and their families eg. Sure start
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Describe GP practices
NHS, Primary care, preventative care, diagnose and try treat ailements
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Provide a weakness of the public secotor
High demand on the public sector so long waiting times and lists
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Provide another criticism for the public sector
Underfunded so can't fund care for all who need it
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Provide examples of types of services the private sector provides
Nurseries, hospitals, carer services, nursing homes, mental health services
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What does the private sector often provide?
Services for the government and local authories if public secor is stuggling
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Provide 2 criticisms of private care
Not everyone can afford it creating inequalities and, private care doesn't always mean good quality care
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What are Voluntary care?
Non-profit and volunteers to keep costs down
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What do some charities receive and provide examples?
Government funding eg. Mencap
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Provide 2 criticisms of Voluntary care
1. Often underfunded and struggles to offer support to everyone
2. Mostly can not afford to provide extensive care the public and private sector care
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Provide examples of support services
Sexual health services (NHS), MENCAP
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What's a daycare unit?
Meet the health needs of older mentally ill and disabled people, some medical procedures. Can be NHS or private
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Whats pallative care?
End-of-life care. Deal with holistic needs, pain management and bereavement. Mainly through hospice
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Who mainly provides personal care (residential homes)?
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Who mainly provides Nursing care (Nursing homes)
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What's workplace care?
Codes of practice, health and safety regulations, support eg counseling
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What's Domicilary care?
At home, could be formal or informal or voluntary care
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Provide some responsibilities of care settings (4)
Have a robust interview and selection process to ensure staff have the relevant skills, update polices and procedures, provide staff training and CPD, feedback and whistleblowing encouraged/have procedure
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Name 6 different types of health care
Emergency care, primary care, urgent care, mental healthcare, speciality care, hospice care
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What is the voluntary/3rd sector?


Provided by independent private organizations eg. Macmillian Cancer Nurses

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Whats the private sector ?


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What's said to the biggest care sector?


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What's primary health care?


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