Unit 2 - Section 14 - Backup and Recovery

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  • Procedures for backup and recovery
    • Causes of lost data
      • Natural disasters
      • Human error
      • Software corruption
      • Virus attack
      • Hardware error
      • Sabotage
    • Backups
      • What data needs to be backed up?
      • How often does the data need to be backed up?
      • When does the data need to be backed up?
      • Which backup media will be used?
      • Who will be responsiible?
      • Where will the data be stored?
    • Types of backup
      • Full backup
        • All data that is stored in an ICT systems files and folders will be saved.
      • Differential backup
        • Only data that is different since the last full backup will be saved.
      • Incremental backup
        • Saves all the data that has changed since the last backup, whether that be full, differential or incremental
    • Recovery
      • Where is valuable data stored?
      • Need for continuity of service


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