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Data types

still and moving images

Input devices


· Most common type of keyboards is the qwerty keyboard
· Another type of keyboard is a concept keyboard. They can be specially designed so
that people with restricted vision can use them to interact with a computer.…

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· The most common Magnetic strip readers are those used at electronic point of
sale. The `read' the data stored on the magnetic strip of the card.
· Barcode readers are used in shops and libraries. The bars on the barcode represent
numbers and can be scanned very quickly using…

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· Dot matrix- the oldest, not really used much. The quality is poor. It uses carbon
ribbons and pins. Because it is an impact printer it can be used to make duplicate prints
using carbon paper, which is useful when multiple copies of documents are required.
· Inkjets- this…

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Reasons for storing data:

basic setup and operating systems are required for the computer to work
application software needs to be available for the user to carry out tasks
files created by the user need to be stored so that they can be used again
data may need to…

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RAM- random access memory, the data is temporary; RAM is known as volatile memory. A
computer with more RAM will operate faster. It is fast access but smaller than the backing

ROM- read only memory. The data is permanent, it has non-volatile memory. Amount of
ROM in a computer…

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Physical size of device


The software of a computer system is the various sets of instructions which tell the
system how to do things. These sets of instructions are collected together in
workable groups known as programs
Without programs of instructions computers would not be able to function because…

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Health and safety

Health and safety at work act

The health and safety in any situation is approached by carrying out a risk assessment of the
situation. To do this you should:

Identify the hazards the users exposed to
Identify the risks produced by the hazards
Put safety precautions in…


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