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The marking schemes which follow were those used by WJEC for the January 2010
were finalised after detailed discussion at examiners' conferences by all the examiners
involved in the assessment. The conferences were held shortly after the papers were taken…

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1(a) One mark per answer 2
Reduces the amount of hard disk space / less memory required - NOT
less space
Lessens the chance of entry errors / easier to validate / greater
Faster to search.
NOT Easier to code data than to type the whole word.

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2(b) Any two from: 2x2
(Cost must match example to get 2 marks and examples must relate to
context and differ)
Financial: Cost of posting letters to parents on an annual basis to check
whether their data is correct.
Time: Time taken to enter data / time taken to check…

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5 3 x (1 mark for advantage, 1 mark for context/example) 3x2
Repetitive processing: carrying out the same task to the same standard
repeatedly (consistency), e.g. Processing the payroll run on a computer
for a large organisation.
Speed of processing: carrying out many complex computer calculations
in a relatively short…

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7(a) Any three from: 3
Better monitoring of what all staff are using their systems for by being able
to centrally audit all transactions simply.
Easier to backup data by being able to do it from one central location.
Greater security by having one program controlling all computer access.

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8(a) 5-7 marks Candidates give a clear, coherent answer stating the three 7
main components and fully and accurately describing, with
examples the advantages and disadvantages of their use.
They use appropriate terminology and accurate spelling,
punctuation and grammar.
3-4 marks Candidates state the three main components and describe

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8(b) 8-11 marks Candidates give a clear, coherent answer fully discussing 11
the uses with examples, advantages and disadvantages.
They use appropriate terminology and accurate spelling,
punctuation and grammar.
4-7 marks Candidates make some points with examples, advantages
and disadvantages but responses lack clarity. There are a
few errors in…

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9 1 mark for definition (to get other 3 marks must have at least 1 4
advantage and 1 disadvantage)
Simulation modelling means using a computer and mathematical
formulas to imitate a real phenomenon. (they look at what if scenarios)
Enables predictions to be made in areas which may…

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10(c) One mark for naming a validation technique. Up to 2 marks for 3
detailed description.

e.g. I put a range check (1) of between 1 and 9999 (1) on my customer
order number (1) to ensure numbers were within the correct range (1),
(any of these other points are…


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