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Backup & Recovery
Unit 2…read more

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Back up Requirements
· What is to be backed up
· When is the best time to back up
· How the backup should be carried out
· What media should be used and where the
backup media will be kept
· Whose responsibility is it to ensure that
backups are taken and that adequate testing
of the recovery of the backed up data is
carried out.…read more

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What is backed up?
· Customisation of installed CD-ROW's and
· Operating system ­ complex and requires
many stored file…read more

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When to back up
· Time of backup - It is important to establish
when backup should take place.
· Some systems run their backups at night
· A backup log should be kept. It records details
of all backups taken, time, date, the medium
used, name of person who carried out backup.
· Frequency of backup ­ factors involved
time/cost…read more

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How can data be backed up?
· Full backup ­ full image of the system is copied.
· Differential backup ­ only backs up files which are
different from, or were updated after, the full
· Incremental backup ­ backs up only the files that
have changed since the last backup.
· Online backup
· Remote backup ­ transfers files to a remote site
using a wide area network.…read more

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Recovery Procedures…read more

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