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    • a priori
      • Knowledge gained before experience
    • analogy
      • The act of comparing one thing with another which shares similar characteristics, so to help a person understand the first thing
    • deduction
      • A method of reasoning by logical stages to reach a conclusion
    • epistemology
      • The study of knowledge
    • Form
      • By "Form" Plato meant the idea of something
    • Form of the Good
      • The highest or all Forms, also the source off all other Forms
    • rationalism
      • All true knowledge comes through reason not experience
    • reason
      • Reaching conclusions using human logic and rational thought, conclusions can be verified
    • the cave
      • A famous analogy written by Plato which he uses to explain some parts of his theory of Froms
    • the Republic
      • The book which Plato wrote the analogy of the cave


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