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  • Goodness
    • Decalogue
      • The 10 Commandments, revealed from God to Moses
    • Euthyphro dilemma
      • Is something good becasue God command it or does God command something becasue it is good
    • god as judge
      • A common image of God throughout the Jewish Scriptures and the New Testament
        • In the parable of the Last Judgment, God is pictured as a king judging people, separating the good from the bad. The good go to heaven and the bad go to hell
    • god as lawgiver
      • An image of God commonly used in the Bible
        • For example, when God reveals the 10 Commandments to the Israelites on Mount Sinai
    • perfection
      • A philosophical term used to indicate the goodness of God
    • revelation
      • Refers to any act in which God is revealed to human beings
        • The characteristic of revealation is that it reveals knowledge of God/God's nature. In Christianity there are two types of revealation; Proposistional and Non-proposistional


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