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  • Copleston vs Russell (keywords)
    • analytic
      • True by definition
    • Aquinas' Third Way
      • If everything were contingent, there could have been a time when nothing existed. Therefore, there must be a necessary being which caused everything
    • aseity
      • self generating i.e. uncasued
    • Bertrand Russell
      • British philosopher and atheist
    • Brute fact
      • Russell's arument that "The universe is just there and that is all"
    • contingency
      • Rely on something else for existence
    • dogmatic
      • Expressing strongly held beliefs; relating to dogma (teachings of the Catholic Church
    • Frederik Copleston
      • Jesuit priest, professor of History of Philosophy
    • Gottfried Leibniz
      • 17th century German philosopher and mathematician
    • gratuitous
      • Unnecessary and unjustifiable
    • illegitimate
      • Not correctly reasoned
    • impasse
      • A point at which no further progress can be made or agreement reacheed
    • infinity
      • Limitless time,space or distance
    • parity
      • Similarity between things
    • Principle of Sufficient Reason
      • There is an explanation for everything
    • Quantifier Shift Fallacy
      • You cannot move from particulars to a general principle
    • tautology
      • A statement that is, in itself, logically true
  • Limitless time,space or distance


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