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    • a posteriori
      • knowledge gained after experience
    • inductive reasoning
      • A method of reasoning by which a conclusion is reached by linking observations of cause and effect
    • empiricism
      • All true knowledge comes through sense experience
    • causation
      • Something which brings about a result, linking to Aristotle's Four Causes
    • potentiality
      • Capacity for growth, development or coming into existence
    • actuality
      • The way in which something currently exists
    • motus
      • The process of continual change
    • telos
      • The Greek word for "end" or "result" of a process or course of action
    • the four causes
      • Causes Aristotle identified which explain why a thing or object exists as it does
        • Material - what is it made of ? Formal - what are it's characteristics? Efficient - how was it made/how did it happen? Final - what is it's purpose/function
    • the prime mover
      • The unchanging cause of all that exists


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