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    • aseity
      • Existence is derived from itself/self generating i.e. uncaused
    • causation
      • Something which brings about a result
    • contingency
      • A being that has a beginning and end which is dependent on something for its existence
    • deism
      • Belief in a God who starts the world off or creates it but then leaves it to run by itself
    • First cause
      • The thing which caused all other things
    • infinite regress
      • A chain of events that go backwards for ever
    • necessary existence
      • Something which has to exist and could not fail to exist
    • Quantifier Shift Fallacy
      • You cannot move from particulars to a general principle
    • sufficient reason
      • The truth of a fact, or the existence of a thing must include an explanation of why it is like that and not different


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