Olympic Games history

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  • Olympic events
    • Berlin 1936
      • Third Reich ideology
        • Hitler promoted his Nazi party through the olympics
        • He was embarrassed when black athletes won medals
          • He then  refused to present Jesse Owens his medals
    • Munich 1972
      • Palenstinian terrorism
        • Eight terrorists killed 2 and held 9 fhostage for 24 hours
          • All athletes were Israeli in protest of the captives in Jordon
        • At the end of a shoot out all hostages, a policeman and 5 terrorists were killed
    • Los Angeles 1984
      • Boycott lead by Soviet Union
        • Fear over lack of security
        • 16 nations did not take part
        • In protest for the boycott of the previous games in Moscow
    • Moscow 1980
      • Boycott lead by USA
        • More than 60 nations did not take part
        • Protest against Russia's invasion of Afghanistan
    • Mexico City 1968
      • Black Power demonstration
        • Leas by Americans: Tommie Smith and John Carlos
        • It was a protest against racism
        • The salute lead to them being expelled from the games and the olympic village


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