Olympics History

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  • Olympic History
    • 1936 BERLIN, GERMANY
      • Jesse Owens won 4  gold medals
      • In the American team there was 10 Africans between them they won 7 golds, 3 silvers, and 3 bronze.
      • Hitler refused to place gold medal around Owens neck because he was black and Hitler saw them as inferior to him
      • two boycotts pulled out because of political issues
      • first to be staged in the southern hemisphere as well as outside Europe and N America
    • 1984 LA, USA
      • In 1980 when Moscow hosted games USA boycotted because of the Soviet presence in Afghanistan
      • The Russian boycott in 1984 along with most of the other eastern bloc countries was in retaliation to US I n 1980.
    • 1972 MUNICH, GERMANY
      • On morning of September 5th 8 terrorists from Palestinian terrorist group "Black September" took 11 Israeli athletes and staff hostage, in the end the hostages were killed
      • Palestinians took them hostage because they felt Israelis had taken their land
      • called the "Happy Games" because after the 1936 Olympics they wanted to make Germany a better place
      • The massacre led to German federal government to re-examine its anti-terrorism policies
    • 1986 MEXICO, AMERICA
      • Tommie smith & John Carlos (USA) finished 1st & 3rd in finals of 200m race
      • When on the podium their national anthem came on, they lowered their heads & raised opposite fists to each other with a black glove on to make a point against treatment of blacks in the USA
      • They were later expelled from the Olympics & had their medals stripped




mexico city was 1968 not 1986

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