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  • The Olympics in Los Angeles, 1984, where the turning point for the start of commercialisation.
  • The person responsible for the start of commercialisation was Peter Ueberroth. He was the organiser of the 1984 Olympics.
  • Ueberroth brought in companies to invest in the Olympic Games, and as a result there was more money available, therefore there was better facilities available.
  • The '84 Olympics were the first privately financed Games, in which there was a $250 million surplus, which was used to support youth and sports activities throughout the USA.


  • The Olympic Partner (TOP) programme is a group of companies that sponsor the Olympics and have bought the right to display the Olympic logo.
  • Examples of such companies are Coca-Cola and McDonalds.
  • The Golden Triangle shows how commercialisation can happen.
  • Increasing TV commercialisation, as TV rights are paid for by companies

Arguements about Commercialisation

  • Some argue that it is a good thing and that it has improved/'saved…


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