Methods of training

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  • Methods of training
    • Continuous
      • Training without rest relief
        • Not expensive
        • Boring
        • Doesn't improve anaerobic fitness
    • circuit
      • 6- 10 stations completed one after the other in reps /time per station
        • Loads of people can do it
        • No equipment needed
        • Setting up may be time consuming
        • Technique is not focused
    • Plyometrics
      • High impact exercise that enable muscles to perform at their maximum
        • Do not need as much equipoment
        • Short high intensity work out movement can be sport specific
        • Have to leave 2-3 days rest
        • Muscle soreness => injury
    • Interval training
      • Periods of work followed by periods of rest
        • burns more calories than continuous training
        • Easy to monitor
        • Need to leave 48hrs between sessions
    • Fartlek
      • A form of training that varies intensity, distance +terrain(different ground)
        • Is not as boring as interval or continnuos
        • Can be completed anywhere
        • Need to be experienced performer
        • Need motivation
    • Weight training
      • Free weight-dumbells/ kettlebells
        • Machine weights- leg press/ bench press
          • Can meet everyones needs.
          • Induction to understand safety
          • Some techniques require spotter
          • Expensive
        • Training that uses progressive resistance


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