AS PE OCR Skill Memory

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  • Memory
    • Characteristics of the short term memory
      • where information is perceived, judged and interpreted
        • stores it for 30 seconds
        • items are chunked together
        • Rehearsal/ practice of information helps retention
        • capacity of  5-9 items
        • compares info with that stored in the LTM
    • Characteristics of the long term memory
      • where well learned and practiced information/ motor programmes, schema are stored
        • stored information is perceived and compared to the new information which is then recognised
        • information is sent back to the STM - two way process
        • Duration is Permenant
        • capacity is limitless
    • Characteristics of the short term sensory store.
      • the area of the brain which receives  information from the senses
        • has an unlimited capacity
        • Unimportant information is lost (selective attention)
        • stores it for less then 1 second
        • The relevent information is passed to the short term memory


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