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Physical Activity
Physical activity: movement that gets the body moving and heart pumping
Exercise: Physical activity done which requires effort to improve health and fitness
Healthy Balanced lifestyle: Day to day life that has quality and wellness which includes:
Injury prevention
Lifetime sport: Enjoyed over a lifetime e.g.…read more

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The definitions, characteristics and benefits of:
Physical Recreation
Activities done for a variety of reasons at a fun level
It is available to all
In free time
Limited funding
Taking part not winning
Outdoor Recreation
Activities done in the natural environment (a walk)
Escape from modern life, thoughts and feelings
respect for environment
Gaining a sense of adventure (sense of excitement)
Physical Education
Learning of physical, personal, qualitative values through schools
Opportunities (GCSE, A levels)
Specialist staff
Prepare for a career in sport
Enjoyment…read more

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The United Kingdom
Ethnic sports: Highland games, Shrovetide football, cheese rolling
Festive/ Ritual
Nineteenth Century Public Schools
Queen Victoria reigned for 65 years
Improved transport
Upper middle class boys attend elite, fee paying, boarding schools.…read more

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United States of America
Powerful, relatively young nation
Native Indians are the original population
Sport is driven by commercialisation
Private and corporate businesses use sport to promote products and achieve good will
Individualism - Each person is responsible for their own success
Over 250 years has been the land of opportunity
Nature of Sport
Result is what matters
'win ethic' dominates sport at all levels
Winning is more important than the taking part
2nd place is not an option
Lombardi 'Winning isn't the most…read more

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Multi-billion dollar business
NFL is a group of companies with teams either privately or run as public companies
Teams are run and bought at franchises
Competition between TV networks for coverage night inflates the cost of NFL
Professionals do not play on Saturday's to give universities their own share of TV coverage
The Super Bowl
Championship game of the NFL
Half time is an hour long and TV takes advantage of huge TV audience. 30 second advert is 2.6 million dollars.…read more

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Participation of Excellence
The Sports Development Pyramid
Foundation (bottom)
Young school children.
Cognitive stage
1st attempt at sport
School team involvement
Regular involvement of extra curriculum
Start to choose sports which become hobbies
District/county level.
Emphasis on competition/winning.
Dedicated performers who are keen to improve regular training
Elite performers.
Highly skilled, fully committed, high levels of coaching, element of sport science, specific
facilities, coaching, modern technology, media coverage.…read more

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To provide Britain's best performers with the practical support needed to compete and win at the highest level
Nutritional advice
Sport science
Performance analysis and planning
Career education and lifestyle advice
Sports massage
Sports vision
Home Country Organisations
Sport England
Aim: To get people more active and involved
What do they do: promotes community sport, promotes volunteering, coaching, leadership, and focuses on
priority groups?
They work closely with local, regional and national partners and bring together the NGB's, coaches and clubs to…read more

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PESSCL (Physical education, school sports and club links) - 2002
Aim: Increase participation in young children
2 hours physical education in national curriculum every week (if this couldn't be met then club links where there to
enable them to get the 2 hours)
Competition managers were employed to ensure kids that weren't getting two hours of p.e Could.
SSCO's were part of this strategy. They were bought in to increase quality of sport in primary schools.…read more

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Since 1994 has had a huge impact on British sport- primary source
Provide grants of 200 million annually
These grants are distributed by UK sport and the 4 home country sport councils to encourage mass participation
and sporting excellence.…read more


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