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4 types of benefits of physical activity
physical, mental, personal and socail
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what is physical activity
movement that gets the body moving and heart pumping harder than at rest
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what is physical recreation
physical activities that are done for a variety of reasons,benefits at relatively unsophisticated level
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what is outdoor recreation
physical activites that done in the natural enviroment for a variety of reasons/beneftis at a relative unsophisticated level
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what is physical education
the learning of physical, personal, prepatory and qualitive values through formal physical activity in schools
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what is outdoor education
young people learning in and about the natural environment. its a part of PE, involving risk/safety.
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what is sport
an organised competitive and skillful physical activity requiring commitment and fair play
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what is exercise
planned or structures physical activity requiring physical effort that is done to improve health/fitness
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what is a healthy balanced lifestyle
day to day life that has equilibrium,, quality and wellness.
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what are characteristics of a healthy balanced lifestyle
physical exercise, nutritious diet, injury/illness prevention, rest/sleep, hobbies/social activites, personal hyjine, free time, control of stress/pressure, healthy relationships
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what is lifetime sport
activites that can be enjoyed over the course of a lifetime
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what if life-long physical activity
enjoyable, health-enhancing movement that is sustained throughout life
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what are 3 main barriers to regular participation in physical activity
provision, opportunity and esteem
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name some factors which are contributing to increasing sedentary lifestyles
work (less manual jobs), transport, modern technology (escalators), media (TV).
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physical recreation (who, when, where)?
who- available to all who choose, when- individual/group decides, where individual/group decide
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benefits of physical recreation
physical - increased cardiovascular endurance, mental- stress relief, social- meet new people
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benefits of outdoor recreation
appreciation of natural environment, respect for natural environment, sense of adventure
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Physical education (who, when, where)?
who- pupils, when- set time and place e.g. 4th period, where- in a learning enviroment
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characteristics of PE
oppurtunities e.g. GCSE's, specialist staff, national curriculum, benefits, young people, variety of physical activities and theoretical elements
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some benefits of PE
Physical- decreased heart rate, personal- increased self esteem, Prepatory- leadership skills qualitive- influence of life-style
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outdoor education (who, when, where)?
who- young people, qualified staff. when- set time and place. where- natural enviroment of artifical enviroment e.g. climbing walls
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benefits of outdoor education
Physical- decreased hear rate. personal- mental strength. prepartory- desicion-making skills. qualitive- appreciation of outdoors
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name some constraints of outdoor education
funding, voluntary contributions (pupils), transport, distance, take up alot of curiculum time, health and safety concernce.
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Sport (who, when, where)?
who- those with physical powress and endeavour, the elite. when- designated time and predetermined length of time. where- designated place with fixed boundaries and specialist/purpose built facilities e.g. arena
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characteristics of sport
focused on competition, officals and rules, commitment, aesthetic quality, sportmanship, element of chance
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benefits of sport
intrinsic awards- personal satisfaction. extrinsic- money/medals
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4 features of sport
traditional, physical exertion, competition, administration and behaviour
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what is physical activity


movement that gets the body moving and heart pumping harder than at rest

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what is physical recreation


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what is outdoor recreation


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what is physical education


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