Body in response to exercise

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  • Body systems
    • Neural
      • Chemoreceptors
      • Proprioreceptors
      • Baroreceptors
    • Intrinsic
      • Starlings law
      • Thermoreceptors
    • Hormonal
      • Adrenaline
    • Increased Rate and depth of breathing
      • Phrenic and intercostal nerves
      • Sternocliedomastoid and pectoralis minor lift ribs up further
      • Abdominal muscles pull down ribs, expiration becomes active
    • Increased heart rate and stroke volume
      • Medulla recruits either sympathetic accelerator nerve or parasympathetic vagus nerve
      • An increase in stroke volume can only be achieved if there is an increase in venous return
    • Increasing blood flow to working muscles
      • Vasodilation increase flow
      • Pre capillary sphincters control blood flow
      • Vasconstriction reduces blood flow


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