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  • Health, exercise, fitness
    • Health -  'a state of complete physical, social and mental well-being, free from mental and physical disease'
    • Health related components
      • Stamina
        • 'the ability to provide and sustain vigorous total body activity aerobically
      • Muscular endurance
        • 'the ability of a muscle or muscle group to sustain repeated contractions over time'
      • Strength
        • 'the maximum force exerted by a specific muscle or group of muscles'
      • Speed
        • 'the maximum rate at which a person is able to move their body'
      • Power
        • 'the ability to use strength quickly'
      • Flexibility
        • 'the ability to move a joint through its complete range of movement'
    • Components of skill-related fitness
      • Reaction time
        • 'time take to initiate a response to a given stimulus'
      • Co-ordination
        • 'ability to perform smooth and accurate motor tasks, often involving the use of senses'
      • Balance
        • 'ability to retain the centre of mass of body above the base support'
      • Agility
        • 'physical ability that enables a person to quickly change body position in a precise manner'


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