CV and Respiratory systems

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  • CV and respiratory systems
    • Key terms
      • Aerobic
        • a process taking place in the presence of oxygen
      • Anaerobic
        • a process taking place in the absence of oxygen
      • pulmonary
        • linked to the lungs
      • oxygen debt
        • additional oxygen consumption during recovery, above that usually required when at rest
      • sub-maximal
        • refers to exercise performed at an intensity below an athletes maximal aerobic capacity, or max VO2- hence it represents aerobic work
      • receptors
        • sensory receptors that detect changes in the body. e.g. chemorecept-ors
      • sensory nerves
        • transmit information detected by receptors towards the central nervous system
      • medulla oblongata
        • part of the brain, responsible for regulating respiration, heart rate and blood vessels
      • autonomic nervous system
        • controls the body's involuntary internal functions
      • motor nerves
        • nerves from the central nervous system passing instructions to body parts


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