LoN 1930's Manchuria Crisis

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  • Manchuria Crisis (1930's)
    • Why Japan wanted it
      • Great depression meant Japan had to look elsewhere for resources
        • Japan was made up of small islands with little open space and few natural resources.
      • Many people were unemployed in Japan
      • Manchuria was geographically close to Japan.
      • There was a history of confusion of who owned the area. In 1931 it was owned by a Chinese warlord who's power was fading.
      • Japan was scared that China might kick out the Japanese industry.
    • The Mukden incident
      • On 18th September 1931,there was an explosion on the South Manchurian railway.
      • Japanese army claimed the train had been attacked by the Chinese army.
        • The Chinese denied this and said their soldiers had been asleep.
      • The name of the Japanese army that then invaded Manchuria were called the Kwantung army.
      • The people of Japan were delighted with the incident and openly celebrated.
        • Japanese government weren't happy but had to go along with it.
    • What did the League do?
      • League didn't want to act against Japan
        • Didn't want to cause a big fight.
        • Japan was a powerful member of the league, and claimed they had been attacked by China first.
      • Commission of Inquiry decided Japan was in the wrong.
      • In 1933, Japan invaded Jehol, another Chinese region.
        • Japan start to invade the rest of China in 1937.
        • In 1932, the Japanese army kill their prime minister.
      • Japan leaves the League, and the league has failed.
        • League can't control big countries and can't protect small countries.


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