Machuria Crisis

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  • Manchurian Crisis 1931 -33
    • Japanese army controlled South Manchurian Crisis
    • September 1931
      • Claimed Chinese soldiers sabotaged railway
        • In retaliation overran Manchuria and threw out all Chinese forces
      • Japanese pretended to give Manchuria independence
    • February 1932
      • Set up puppet government - Manchukuo (Puyi) on throne so could control him
    • LoN sent Lord Lytton to assess situation
      • Produced a report, said Japanese had been wrong
        • League didnt do anything
          • Failed to stop Japan and end crisis
    • League weakened
      • Japan refused to accept report and withdrew from League 1933
      • 1933 Japan invaded Jehol (bordered Manchuria)
      • Hitler/Mussolini saw obvious weaknesses of League
        • Japan signed treaty with Germany 1936/37 to invade China - League did nothing


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