The Collapse of the League

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  • The Collapse of the League
    • 1920 Successes
      • Locarno Treaties 1925- Belgium/France/Germay borders. Treaty states they wouldnt invade each other
      • Aaland Islands 1920- Sweden and Finland both claimed rights; LoN gave Poland the land
      • Bulgaria 1925- Greek troops invaded Bulgaria; LoN told Greece to pull out and pay compensation
      • Upper Silesia 1921- Germany and Poland both wanted the industrial land. LoN had a plebiscite and gave 2/3 to Germany, 1/3 to Poland
      • Kellog-Briand 1921- War condemned as a way to sort disputes; 65 countries (inc USA) signed.
    • The Great Depression
      • Fall in trade meant that UK and FR wanted to build their economy again
      • This allowed the other countries to get away with things eg *** +ITA
      • There was a rise of extremism i.e. Nazi's
    • 1920 Successes
      • Vilna 1920- Poland invaded as it had many Poles in. Lithuania appealed however Poland ignored LoN and French kept them as an ally
      • Corfu 1923- Italy invaded due to Italian general being killed. Mussolini was an aggressor but a powerful member; Greeks had to pay compensation
      • Geneva Protocol 1924- GB + FR said that all must obey the League; the government refused to sign- weakening the League
    • Manchurian Crisis 1931
      • Japan invaded due to Chinese soldiers breaking their railway
      • Japanese put in a puppet government in Manchuria in 1932 to 'help' but they took raw supplies
      • LoN took a year to publish the report saying Japan should leave but Japan disagreed and left in March 1933
      • USA was Japan's biggest trading partner and UK wanted to keep trade- so no sanctions imposed
      • Japan was strong nation; without USA or USSR they couldn't go to war
    • Abyssinian Crisis 1934
      • 1934 Italy wanted an apology from Abyssinia for a dispute
      • Mussolini invaded to get revenge for past defeat and raw supplies
      • LoN finally applied sanctions to stop trade
      • Italy left LoN in 1936 and signed Rome-Berlin with Germany
      • League could've closed canal but was afraid of war and France wanted Italian support


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