Manchurian crisis

The manchurian crisis


Japan vs LON

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  • Japans economy is growing rapidly.
  •  They are a major power
  • They have a strong industry but exporting goods to USA and China.
  •  It has a growing Empire.
  •  The depression hit japan badly
  • USA and China put the trade barriers up - this put japanease people into crisis - they couldnt afford to feed their people
  • Army leaders decided to build up the japanease empire by force.
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  • They claimed that chinease soliders had sabataged the south manchurian raliways (that japan owned) - they retaliated by over running Manchuria, throwing out all chinease forces.
  • They set up 'Manchkuo' - a puppet government in manchuria
  • Later that year japanease planes and gunships bombed Shang hai.
  • The Army ignored the Japanease civilians orders to stop
  • China appealed to the LON but japan argued that as China had no goverment they invaded to settle a small difficulty
  • After a while the LON came back with a report stating Japan had acted unlawfully.
  • Japan left the LON
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