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May 6

A Timeline for: The Inter-war
years 1919-39 + Germany Muryam Mulla

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1918 Jan ­ 14 points published by Wilson

1918 Nov ­ End of WWI

Nov 9 ­ The German Kaiser abdicates his throne + leaves for the Netherlands

Nov 10 ­ Friedrich Ebert (Socialist leader) becomes new leader of Weimar republic = signs armistice
to end war with Allies


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1921 Apr ­ Reparation payments set to £6.6 million

Upper Silesia ­ Germany + Poland want control = industrial areas to Germany + rural areas for Poland

Aaland Islands ­ Sweden + Finland want control = Finland gained control + Sweden accepted decision
of LoN

Washington Conference ­ USA, Britain,…

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900 dance bands in Berlin alone

1928 ­ Kellogg-Briand Pact/Pact of Paris ­ 65 nations agree not to use force to settle disputes

Germany finally achieved the same levels of production as before the war

Nazi party gain less that 3% of the vote in election

Unemployment began to rise…

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Start of the Third Reich + End of the Weimar Republic

Hitler rearms Germany secretly

Feb 24 ­ Officials report approved in Assembly by 42 votes to 1 by Japan concerning Manchuria

Feb 27 ­ Reichstag building burnt down

Mar 27 ­ Japan leaves the LoN

Mar ­ Hitler…

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Stresa Pact = Britain, France + Italy agree to stand together + protest against Germany's rearmament

Mussolini invades Abyssinia

Sept 4 ­ committee reports to LoN that neither side is to blame = LoN plan to give Mussolini some of
Abyssinia, he rejects it

Oct ­ Mussolini's army is ready…

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1938 ­ Hitler takes over Austria + the Sudetenland (part of Czechoslovakia)

Mar ­ Hitler sends in his troops into Austria to secure plebiscite concerning the Anschluss = 99.75%
voted in favour

May ­ Hitler made clear intentions to fight Czechoslovakia if necessary

Sept 15 ­ Chamberlain flies in to…

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Hitler invades Soviet Union (USSR)

Autumn ­ Mass shootings of Jews all over Eastern Europe (Poland, USSR + Germany)

1942 Jan ­ Nazis met in Wannsee, Berlin: to discuss the `Final Solution' to the `Jewish Problem'

Dietrich Bonheoffer contacts Allied commanders to ask what peace terms Germany would be


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