History Anti-Semitism Laws 1933-39

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  • Laws 1933-39
    • 1933
      • APRIL -  Law for the Restoration of the Civil Service
        • Jews banned from Civil Service
      • JULY - Law for Compulsory Sterilisation (of mentally ill)
        • Entailed Farm Law
          • Jews banned from owning farms
    • 1934
      • SD propose emigration of Jews
    • 1935
      • SEPTEMBER - Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honour (no mixed marriages/sex)
      • Reich Citizenship Law (Jews can't be citizens)
      • Law for the Protection of the Genetic Health of the German People (measures to assure fully Aryan)
    • 1938
      • Series of Anti-Jewish decrees
        • Jewish doctors/dentists/lawyers forbidden to have Aryan patients
        • Jews must add Sarah or Israel to names (identity cards)
        • Jews excluded from schools, universities, cinemas, shops
    • 1939
      • Reich Central Office for Jewish Emigration set up promoting emigration


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