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History Revision Germany 193363

KQ2 ­ To what extent did the Nazi's transform German society?

KQ2 Pages
Propaganda and Control 12
Changes in Society 26
Racial purity and AntiSemitism 79

Propaganda and Control

The Hitler Myth

The Hitler myth worked at creating a public image of Hitler as the…

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History Revision Germany 193363

o Focus on literature was preventative censorship ­ book burnings
o Book burnings by SA, 2,500 German authors removed from the approval list
o Antiintellectual
o Discouraged view points

o Problematic ­ took longer to develop due to private ownership
o 1933, 4,700 daily newspapers…

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History Revision Germany 193363

1. Youth
2. Education
3. Women
4. Churches

1. Youth

o BDM ­ to prepare the girls to be mothers of the nation
o Indoctrination in Nazi ideology
o Control all youths lives
o Boys ­ preparation for army service

Methods ­
o Lectures on…

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History Revision Germany 193363

o "so fantasised that they believe in nothing but their Hitler"
o Put pressure on parents to become good Nazi's

Conformity for career reasons
o "many people believe they will find job opportunities through the persecution
of Jews and Marxists"
o People believed following Nazi…

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History Revision Germany 193363

3. Women

Nazi Policies towards women

Births Marriage Welfare
Aims Increase pure Increase suitable Develop healthy
Aryan/German births marriages Germans
Measures 19339 Financial incentives 1933 600 RM NSVolkwohlschaft
e.g. marriage loans, marriage loan if (NSV) the national
birthday grants unemployed socialist welfare
Improved maternity 1937 loan…

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History Revision Germany 193363

medical jobs Two women's
removed organisations
1936 banned from created NSP, DFW
being judges and
193945 Restrictions dropped 1939 compulsory Nazi women's
as great demand for agricultural labour organisations
welleducated service for unmarried support the war
workers women under 25 effort e.g. clothing
Women exhorted…

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History Revision Germany 193363

o 2/3rds of Prussian synod o Local Gauleiters carried o Church succession
wore Nazi uniforms out radical antichurch campaign tried to
o Muller (Hitler's adviser) activities encourage Germans to
appointed as Reich bishop o Young people were abandon the churches
o Reich church established encourage to…

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History Revision Germany 193363

"The Jewish problem"
o 500,000 Jews in Germany in 1933
o 0.76% of the German population
o 70% lived in big cities
o Large concentration in certain professions such as law and media
o There was no clear AntiSemitic party in 1933

At the heart…

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History Revision Germany 193363

o As the economic position of Germany improved from mid1937, so attacks on
Jews worsened and intensified
o The Anschluss in March 1938 unleashed a wave of attacks against Jewish
property in Austria. This triggered Goring into issuing the Decree for the
registration of Jewish property…

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History Revision Germany 193363

authorised by Hitler to exterminate Jews in Russia. Eight months later 700,000
Jews had been murdered.
o In anticipation of the Holocaust, the Nazi's began to convert Auschwitz into an
extermination camps in the summer of 1941

The Wannsee conference
o On 31st July 1941, goring…


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