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AS History
Anti-Semitism, Hitler and the German
people…read more

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Different types of anti-Semitism that
existed prior to 1919
· Mid 19th century ­ number of radical writers
­ Hierarchy of different races
­ Anti-Semitic
­ E.g. Darwin's book
· Others such as `Jews and whores'
­ Some authors use Darwin's theory to explain and justify
there own racial views
· Social Darwinism
· As time went on the severity of ideas rose.
· Gobineau ­ "races were different"
­ Other religions weak
· And in the late 1800's words such as "vermin" were
used and severity increased…read more

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Social Darwinism
· Darwin's theory of natural selection ­ believed
in survival of the fittest
­ Explained how species evolved
· Some authors used this to explain and justify
there own racial views
· Sterilisation of `racial undesirables'
· Anti-Judaism `killers of Christ'
· Racial hygiene `eliminate inferior'…read more

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Impact of the FWW on anti-Semitism
in Germany
· Jews received the blame and were used as
scapegoats for the failure of war
· Rise in anti-Semitism
· The economic depression that followed also
caused the blame to fall on Jews
­ Jews blamed Germans for the depression as well…read more

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Increase in assimilation and social
achievements of Jews in Weimar Germany…read more

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Weimar Germany
· 1918-24 ­ Early Problems · 1924-28 ­ Stresemann Era
­ Economy
­ Treaty of Versailles ­ punished · Wide support
Germany · Europe coming out of post war depression
· Reparations £6billion, land · Germany gradually become prosperous
loss, limit armed forces again
· 1927 ­ Reparations paid, exports increased
­ Right wing opponents ­ industry recovered well
· Extremists e.g. Munich Putsch ­ Culture
­ army suppressed this · Writers and poets flourished
· Buildings
­ Economic disaster · 1920s ­ golden age of cinema
· Cost of war, food shortage,
lack of natural materials · 1929-33 ­ Depression
­ Hyperinflation ­ 1929 ­ wall street crash,
· Printing excess money, strikes,
American wanted money they
had loaned back
new currency
­ Economic collapse
­ Other ­ Problems of unemployment
· Fear of communism, ­ Need of a strong leader
democratic systems, time and ­ Businesses were bankrupt
support ­ Rise of the Nazi party…read more

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