Persecution of Jews

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  • Extermination
  • Forced emigration
  • Gradualism 1933-9
  • Legal discrimination
  • Nazi Anti-Semitism 1919-33
  • Propaganda and indoctrination
  • Terror and Violence
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  • Jewish ghettos created. Jews separated from res of community and forced to live in appalling conditions
  • 'Action Units' rounded up Jews and murdered by mass shootings
  • 1942 dceided to use gas to kill 11 million Jews
  • Camps developed into extermination centres (e.g Auschwitz)
  • Jews transported to camps from ghettos
  • Estimated 6 million Jews murdered
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Forced Emigration

  • Number of Jews chose to leave Germany voluntarily at the start of Nazi dictatorship
  • Palestine, Britain, USA were popular destinations
  • From 1938 forced emigration by Adolf Eichmann and a Central office for Jewish Emigration was created
  • In 6 months, 45,000 were forced to emigrate
  • About half the Jewish population left before the war
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Gradualism 1933-39

  • Approach to anti-semitism was gradualist
  • For some Germans, the discriminatroy legislation was no more than the Jews deserved
  • Liberal minded found the action offensive
  • Feelings of hopelessness replaced with feelings of fear once the dictatorship was established
  • Show sympathy for, or to protect the Jews, was a risk to ones own life
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Legal discrimination

  • Boycott in 1933, SA encouraged Germans not to go in Jewish businesses. Not universally accepted.
  • Anti Jewish policy initiated
  • Nuremberg Laws September 1935
  • Major anti-Jewish laws
  • All the rights of Jews were gradually removed befire the onset of war
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Nazi anti-semitism 1919-33

  • Right-wing racist volkisch nationalism
  • Hitler exploited hostility towards the Jews and turned it into a radical ideology of hatred
  • Hitler's hatred of Jews was obsessive and vindictive
  • Mobilised and stirred support Goring, Goebbels, Himmler, Streicher and Heydrich
  • Anti-Semitism was not only reason for success of the party
  • Vast majority moticated by unemployment, collapse of agricultural prices and fear of communism
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Propaganda and indoctrination

  • Cultivate message of anti-semitism, change people's attitudes so they hated the Jews
  • Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda and public enlightenment
  • Posters, signs, newspapers, cinema
  • Influence the youtH
  • Hitler Youth
  • Education
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Terror and violence

  • SA took advantage of their power to use violence against the Jews eg damage of property, intimidation
  • Night of the long knives 1934
  • Union with Austria resulted in attacks on 200,000 Jews
  • Kristallnacht
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