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Influences of every part of life!

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  • Influences on Participation in Sport
    • People
      • Family
        • Children can sometimes participate in the same activities as their parents do.
        • Although this is also to do with resources, your parents are the ones to pay for all the equipment required for a sport, so if it is too expensive you may not be encouraged to participate.
      • Peers
        • The influence of your friends can encourage you to participate in a particular sport.
        • Your friends may all be dancers so it may be much easier to succeed with the encouragement of your friends
        • Or they may think that a particular sport is rubbish so they may encourage you not to participate in that particular sport.
      • Role Models
        • A role model is someone whos actions are admired by others.
        • They are often in the media's spotlight for their actions causing them to inspire others.
        • Being a role model comes with responsibilities eg. not taking drugs or getting into fights.
    • Image
      • Fashion
        • Many activites require equipment and clothing.
        • Some brands of sports equipment can be very fashionable but also very expensive.
        • Because of the items of clothing that you have to wear some people - espefially teenage girls - don't want to wear this clothing therefore, will not participate in the sport.
      • Media Coverage
        • The amount of media coverage for a particular sport can affect the amount of people that participate in that sport.
        • Mens football is a popular coverage is covered on many TV channels therefore, boys are encouraged and inspired to participate.
        • However, there isn't much coverage of sports like table tennis therefore, there are very few table tennis players compared to footballers or tennis players.
    • Cultural factors
      • Disability
        • People with disabilities are able to take part in sport but this depends on the facilities that their community offers.
        • More and more resources are available for those with disabilities to take part however, those at local level need more.
      • Age
        • Age can affect the performance of an athlete and may affect the rate of participation.
        • Health problems may also affect this or other responsibilities such as work or family.
      • Gender
        • Some sports are seen as male sports others are seen as female so the sport that you may participate in may have been influenced by gender.
        • Very few girls participate in cricket so it would be harder to play for a club whereas it wuld be easier for a male.
      • Race
        • Some footballers can recieve a lot of racial abuse therefore, this could affect some peoples participation rates.
    • Resources
      • Time
      • Location
        • Depending where you live depends on the facilities you have around so this affects how much sport you participate in.
      • Facilities
        • Different areas have different facilities whether it is indoor or outdoor, the amount of access you have to these   depends on the amount you participate in sport.
    • Health and Wellbeing
      • By becoming ill you can limit yourself to the amount of sport you participate in however swimming is thought to help joint problems.
    • Socio-economic
      • Money
        • Clubs can cost a lot and so can the equipment and clothing that some sports require. This can prevent some people participating in a sport
      • Status
        • Some sports have stereotypes such as polo which is seen to be for the rich and wealthy.
      • C - cultral factors
      • H - Health and Wellbeing
      • I - Image
      • R - Resources
      • P - People
      • S - Socio-economic




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