Hinduism and life after death

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  • Hinduism and Life after Death
    • atman = soul
      • unchanging and eternal
        • "a spirit that a sword cannot pierce, the fire cannot burn, the water cannot melt, and the air cannot dry" - BG
    • Karma
      • action or deed affecting the soul
      • determinant of next life
        • samchita karma = past life karma
        • agami karma = present life karma
    • death
      • body cremated within 24 hours
        • "as a man casts off his worn clothes and takes on other new ones, so does the embodies soul cast off his worn out bodies and enters others new" - BG
        • babies and sanyasin not cremated
          • babies automatically achieve moksha --> no moral wrongs
        • finite and empty vessel, nothing more than home to the soul
          • rice placed in mouth before creamtion to nourish soul
        • ashes scattered in body of water (River Ganges) on fourth day
          • 13 days to reincarnate
      • determine next life
      • anyone who dies at Varansi (home of siva) automatically achieves moksha as pollution of death is removed
    • moksha
      • freedom from cycle of samsara
        • achieved by relinquishing desires and ceasing to be ignorant
      • Hindu aim
      • BG says soul can take path of moon to new body or path of sun to moksha
    • heaven and hell largely disputed
      • temporary dwelling places from which one is returned to be reincarnated


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