Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist,Hindi and Sikh views about resurrection

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  • Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist,Hindi and Sikh views about resurrection
    • Jews and Muslims believe in resurrection after one life on Earth.
      • Islam
        • Akrhira (the afterlife) where the body and soul go is a place of separation between those Allah judges and rewards.
        • Allah judges all people on the day of judgement.
        • Paradise awaits those who have submitted to the will of Allah.
        • Some Muslims believe that hell is eternal, but others believe that Allah will eventually show mercy to all.
    • Hindus, Buddhist, Muslims and Sikhs believe in different forms of reincarnation.
      • Hinduism
        • The atman (or soul) transmigrates from body to body.
        • The soul moved into its next body after death according to the law of Karma.
        • The soul is clothed in "Maya," (flesh) on Earth, but is seeking to be released so that it can be united with "Brahman,"  (pure consciousness, ultimate reality.)
        • The birth-life-death cycle (sasmara) is ended when the soul is released (moksha) back into Brahman after properly following one's duty (dharma).
      • Buddhism
        • Believes in "rebirth."
        • Believe in the idea of permanence or the self is an illusion.
          • "Anatta," means no-self a state into which a soul can be born and of which is a part.
          • The consciousness of a person doesn't contribute to a new group of materials from which new persons are formed.
        • Buddhist belief


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