Life after death

For A2 Religious Studies, the topic on Life After Death

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Reincarnation, or transmigration of the soul, is the rebirth in another body (after physical death) of a person's personality or spirit. In Hinduism, it is believed that life and death are part of the same cycle of existence, known as the Samsara cycle. Their soul will live and die many times in this cycle until their soul experiences enlightenment and is united with Brahman (God). This is called Moksha, and it is where their soul merges with God after living many lives in the Samsara cycle. How many lives you live depends on how good or bad you have been in your lives, and this is measured through Karma. A person's Karma depends on their actions in their lives, and it allows them to move either up or down in the cycle.

According to Hick, 'The subtle body may be accordingly characterised as a psychic organism consisting of a structure of mental dispositions, but differening from "person" in that it lacks self consciousness.'

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