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- In Judaism, Chrsitanity and islam the belief in an afterlife is based on a linear view of time. 

- that means these religions believe that each person will live on earth once and after that go to be judged by God, 'Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgement' 

-in hinduism and buddhism the belief is that time is cyclical. this means that they believe that people do not live and die just once but are able to be reborn a number of times before reaching their final state. 

the idea that after death the soul is reborn in this world to live a new life is called reincarnation in Hinduism and rebirth in buddhism. 

reincarnation and rebirth involve an individual's soul inhabiting a new body, which may be totally differnt from that of the previous life. at death the soul moves (migrates) from the dying body into a new body and this is called the 'transmigration of souls'. 

Reincarnation and Hinduism.

they belive that the atman or soul is eternal. each soul is at one with the whole of creation. 

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