• The transmigration of souls; a rebirth in another body of some part of a person’s personality or spirit, a fixed entity reborn.
  • Raises questions about the relationship of soul with brain and body. Reincarnated people remember previous lives or show similar physical marks; therefore does the soul affect the brain? Can the soul affect the body?
  •  Reincarnation therefore a dualistic view that argues the body and mind are distinct and separate entities, although each can influence each other.
  • Plato agreed with the dualistic view – the body is always changing and therefore cannot be certain of truth.The soul however is capable of knowing such truth and therefore unchanging.
  • I deduced that the soul is immortal and lives on, not only after death but is existed before birth.
  •  Reincarnation based on karma; the principle of cause and effect in the religions Hinduism and Buddhism.
  •   It asserts that all acts or deeds leave their current influence on a future transmigration of the actor, for example the current situation of a human being is the consequence of the person’s actions and thoughts in current and past lives.
  •  Hinduism is the main religion associated with reincarnation. They believe that life and death are considered as part of a cycle of existence.
  •    A person lives and then on death their soul is reborn again into another body. This cycle goes on through many lives until the soul achieve ultimate reality and is united with Brahman.
  •   The unity with Brahman is what all souls seek. The souls journey from life to life is governed by karma, where a persons reincarnation is determined by how good or bad their karmas was in the previous life.
  •  The soul is not just reincarnated on earth but could go to other realms of existence which can be joyful or painful. This is where the soul has to face the good or bad deeds done on earth.
  •  However, it is only in the physical body from on earth that the soul has freedom and responsibility so it is only from earth that the soul can go on the nirvana.
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