Life after death

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  • life after death
    • compelling reasons for life after death
      • scared of dying/ death experience
      • hard to accept only physical life
      • morality only fulfilled when good are rewarded by heaven and bad punished in hell
      • sanctity of life, why end so quickly?
    • why not to believe
      • death is biological function
      • notion of life after death is meaningless
      • emperical evidence at end of life makes it impossible for there to be a physical afterlife
      • you cant speak of 'life after death' as a thing becuase life and death are mutally exclusive states
    • relationship of body and soul
      • monoism: body and soul are one entity life after death involves them both
      • dualism: mind and body are seperate entities although they can influence each other, only the sould/mind lives on
      • - if only soul survives then there will be no character left
      • how does the emperical evidence for end of life explain monoistic view?
      • Russel suggests nothing survived as mind is liked to brain and brain to our physical body
    • Near-death experiences
      • when someone dies and is then resuscitated
      • the following is said to happen- float out of body, arrive at place of light, met dead relative, were given choice to return
      • psychologist Moody noticed problems
        • could easily be a dream
        • peace may be to do with drugs
        • subconscious memories
        • nothing is verified
    • Reincarnation
      • transmigration of the soul
      • reincarnated people remember pervious lives, show physical marks similar to those in previous life
      • hinduism
        • sould is reborn upon death
        • soul recieves higher or lower rebirth depending on how their life was lived
        • good or bad actions are called karma
        • cycle continues until the soul achieves nirvana and is reunited with Brahman
        • gross body is physical body
        • soul is subtle body and is reincarnated, bit not only on earth
      • problems- not everyone remmebers previous life,
    • rebirth is a Buddhist concept
      • person is made of physical body and 4 mental elemnets- feeling, perception, moral will, consciousness
      • character aspects are reborn into another person
        • rebirth governed by karma
        • soul will eventually achieve nirvana
        • criticisms- no verification, no proof for memory retained, is rebirth life after death? its difficult to understand,
    • bodily ressurection
      • judgment day, dead will become eternal
        • when Christ was resurrected he had bodily form
          • resurrected person not same as one that died, will have characteristics eternal
            • john hick- replica theory, omnipotent will be able to create replica complet with character, however replicas aren't as valuable as origional
          • criticisms- if we die we cannot be brought back, will we have perfect health?,
    • immortality of the soul
      • soul cannot die because it is spiritual
        • Plato- body belongs to physical world and so will die, soul belongs to higher realm
          • soul existed before birth and will continue
      • Kant argued- purpose of existence is to achieve complete goodness
        • we cannot do this in one lifetime
        • by granting us eternal life we can achieve this
        • if this is just a soul- is this really a life? how will we interact?


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