Life, death and life after death synoptic essay.

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  • Life, death and life after death essay plan:
    • Introduction
      • Talk of what i am going to talk about.
        • Hindu views of life after death.
          • Touch on how Buddhists share a similar belief.
        • Christian views about after death.
          • Partially similar with Islam.
    • Christianity
      • Heaven
        • 'Light at the end of the tunnel' life death experience.
      • Hell
      • Purgatory
      • Judgement day
      • Resurection
    • Hinduism
      • Karma
      • Death ritual
      • Reincarnation, Samsara, and Moksha.
        • "Just as a person gets rid of old clothes and buys new ones, the atman gets rid of worn out bodies and gets a new body".
        • The boy from Bara, and other children recalling their 'past lives'.
        • Untitled
    • English
      • Paradise Lost views on heaven/hell, and how the fall enabled death and pain.
      • King Lear
    • Philosophy
      • Augustine/ irenaeus


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