German Responsibility for WW1, events leading up to 1914

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  • German responsibility for WWI
    • Bismarck's post 1870 alliances with Russia and Italy allowed to lapse under Wilhelm II. He made warmer relations with Austria-Hungary however.
      • Anglo-German relations: 1896 Kruger Telegram,wave of British hostility towards Germany. Naval Race.
        • failure of Haldane Mission in 1912, Kaiser remained committed to naval expansion
      • Franco-Russian alliance 1894.
      • British entente with France(1904) and Russia(1907) ended British splendid isolation
    • German Foreign Policy
      • First Moroccan Crisis, 1905-6: Germans demanded conference to discuss future of Morocco(French influence but also some german economic interest). Hoped to weaken entente but entente strengthend, Morocco confirmed as in Frencg sphere of influence.
      • Second Moroccan Crisis 1911: Germans moved gunboat PANTHER off coast near town of Fez, is protest at French military interference ina disturbance in that town. Talk of war David Lloyd George warns Germany against future aggression.
      • Weltpolitik 1897
      • War council meets, 1912-if Germany is to go to war, now is the best time
    • The Balkans
      • Decline of Ottoman Empire. Rise in Serbian Nationalism was seen as a threat by Austria, Russians had idea of Pan-Slavism(serbians are slavs)which was very popular.
      • First Balkan war 1912: resloved by conference.Second Balkan War-Germany supported Austria in her  ultimatum to Serbian troops in Albania. The serbs backed down.
    • July Crisis 1914
      • 28 June heir to Austrian throne, Franz Ferdinand, was shot by Bosnian/Serbterrorists.
      • Germany gave Austria a 'Blank Cheque' agreement, unconditionalsupoort in a war with Serbia
        • Urged Austria to send ulitmatum and recommended action against serbia.
        • Bethamnn may have wished for localised war proving victory over Russia and the Entente
        • War by railway timetable
      • Serbia agreed to all but one of the clauses of the ultimatum (48hr) but still Austria rejected this.


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