1919+ Germany

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  • 1919+ Germany
    • impact of WW1
      • cost $37 billion
      • There were 7.1 million german casualties
      • 750,000 died in the winter of 1916 because of starvation
      • anarchy was caused by angry and bitter people
    • hyperinflation
      • Germany began printing more and more money to help pay the reparations
      • eventualy the reichmarc became worth much less than it was before
      • eventually the money was burnt and replaced with the rentenmark
        • the dawes plan
    • Invasion of       the Ruhr 1923
      • French troops invaded the Ruhr after Germany could no longer afford to pay reparations
      • the germans began a strike but stressemann called off the strike and found a way to begin to pay the reparations
    • The treaty of Versailles
      • Germany lost 13% of land
      • had to fully accept responsibility because of article 231
      • Germans were furious and felt like they had been stabbed in the back
      • $6.6 billion in reparations


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